• 10 Techniques to Say 'No'!

    15 Jun 2015
  • On paper, the choice between Yes and No often seems simple enough. In practical terms, though, the results are complex - impacting profits and people.  So, what should Leaders do when they want to say yes but need to say no?

    As CEOs, it sometimes feels as if we are faced with a never ending conveyer belt of important decisions. In addition to requiring a broad, strategic understanding of the entire organization, we must also understand the interpersonal aspects of the choices we make. After all, our decisions impact the bottom-line and the motivation of our employees, right?

    Inevitably, there will be times when we need to say ‘No’ because it’s the right decision for the greater good of the organization.  So, what approaches are there to alleviate awkwardness and ensure we let people down gently, so to speak?