• 2015: Time to change careers?

    15 Jan 2015
  • All of us, irrespective of our career paths, possess a unique set of skills and capabilities. This being said, are we more likely to excel in certain roles based upon our character traits?

    In England, ‘horses for courses’ is a somewhat peculiar colloquial saying, used in personal and business situations. You see, in the world of horse racing it’s generally accepted that certain horses perform better in certain situations.

    For instance, a horse that wins a race on a short dry course, might finish last on a long damp course – and vice versa. In personal and business situations, the phrase is used to suggest that what is suitable for one person in one specific situation might be unsuitable for another. Or, in different words, that we all have our own strengths and weaknesses  [to read the full article go to Michael Conforme's Blog: Authentic Leadership]...