• 7 Habits of Highly Creative People

    28 Aug 2015
  • There are lots of urban myths about ‘creative people’, some of which are less accurate than others.  In truth, things such as our appearance, our intellect, our personality and our education only form part of the puzzle.  Given this, how can we identify and harness highly creative people?

    Creativity is a precious resource, which fuels innovation, maintains competitive advantage and generates revenues. In simplistic terms, transforming ideas into profit is reliant upon optimizing the Organizational and the Individual dimensions of innovation. Arguably, the people side of this is more challenging.

    After all, the ‘what, when, how, and who’ of creativity is not an exact science, right? This being said, spotting creative talent is a critical part of the CEO toolkit. Therefore, in the second of two connected articles, let’s explore creativity from the viewpoint of the individual.