• About Protactix

  • Protactix Group is a management consulting firm. We are a leading talent and career management workforce solutions provider serving clients in Asia and North America. We design and deliver solutions to align your talent strategy with your business strategy.

    In addition, while we offer a myriad of services, our main focus is to help companies of almost any size realize greater profitability and growth through increased individual performance combined with an overall positive change in company culture.  

    Indeed, it is our belief that success is driven and shaped by executive leadership at all levels. When our clients contact us, it’s usually due to some internal change, roadblock, or limitation that needs to be addressed on a wide range of levels. We’re ideal to do that, as our skillset is decidedly wide-ranging as well, without a top-heavy focus on any particular discipline.

    We do subscribe to proven guidelines and frameworks, such as EEOC, ISOP, ADA, ISO certification, and more. But we add our own unique acumen to the mix, creating a synergy that simply works. Our core team of Certified Behavioral Analysts (with distinguished reputations in their areas of expertise) leads the way, and our broader team comprises organizational clinical psychologists, executive coaches, communication and impact specialists, organizational design practitioners, and c-suite advisors. We’re also equally comfortable in the boardroom as we are on the shipping dock.

    Our projects typically run 3-18 months (but can be of any length), and we guarantee results. That is correct – we know what we are doing, we know about successful enterprises, and we know our methods work. Thus, we will not accept compensation if they do not. It’s really that simple.  

    And our name? Well, PROTACTIX is derived from 3 words: Pro - a professional; Tactic - an action or strategy carefully planned to achieve a specific end; and X, which stands for the x-factor variable in a given situation that could have the most significant impact on the outcome.

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