• Are You a Creative Genius?

    14 Aug 2015
  • Creativity is a critical component of achieving long-term business success, both in terms of designing superior products & services and solving commercial & technical problems. Given this, the real question becomes – can CEOs learn to be more creative?

    Creativity is the thinking process that generates ideas and, as such, is arguably the most valuable raw material in business. In their unrefined form, ideas can be eccentric, exciting, extravagant or even absurd, but without them companies cannot prosper. This being said, not all concepts are created equal so to speak, and not everything is destined to become the next big thingIn this regard, effective leaders must avoid chasing dreams just because something seems creative or original. Indeed, creativity must be nurtured with commercial diligence and practical application, to transform concepts into profitable innovation.  Given this, what techniques exist to help us become more creative? In the first of two connected articles, let’s explore creativity from the viewpoint of the organization.