• Are you an innovative leader?

    30 Jun 2015
  • The future is an uncertain place, which requires us to step into the unknown. In such a dynamic and unpredictable environment, the question becomes – how do we create a positive environment where innovation flourishes and succeeds?

    The best laid plans of Mice and Men’, is a popular expression used to signify the potential futility of making detailed future plans when the ability to execute them is uncertain. Often attributed to Steinbeck and his novel Of Mice and Men (1937), its origins can arguably be traced back to an 18thcentury poem written by Robert Burns (“To a Mouse, on Turning Her Up in Her Nest with the Plough”, 1785).   Of course, neither Burns nor Steinbeck could envisage the modern business challenges we face in the digital era. So, if the future is uncertain, then what should leaders do to ensure their organizations are preparing for the challenges of tomorrow?