• Are we overloading on our on employees?

    5 Jan 2015
  • In the commercial world we operate in, some level of stress is inevitable and, arguably, even necessary to achieve the tightest deadlines. In most cases we associate stress with peaks in our workload, but is that always true for every individual?

    In business, stress is often an overused word to the extent we've become desensitized to those around us complaining about their workload. It’s almost a given that there isn't enough time to complete every conceivable task; after all, that’s why prioritization exists, right? In practical terms, there are two sides to the ‘stress coin’.

    The positive side is when the adrenaline kicks in and we work even harder and faster, to deliver particular goals. In contrast, there’s also a negative side where employees are overwhelmed, with no light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak. So, as effective CEOs how do we [to read the full article go to Michael Conforme's Blog: Authentic Leadership]...