• Can you measure Teamwork?

    29 Jul 2015
  • In some regards, effective teamwork is the life-blood of successful companies. Given this, much has been written about enhancing the productivity and motivation of groups. The question is – how can we determine when our teams are truly optimized for maximum results?

    Simply put, the leader of an organization, strategic business unit or department, is responsible for ensuring everything is running like a well-oiled machine, so to speak. Often used as a generic phrase in business, it’s become synonymous with achieving effective and efficient management.  Of course, machines and engines need continual tuning to remain at maximum levels of output.  The same principle holds true in our office environments, where teams and groups are ‘tweaked’ to increase their output.  If effective teamwork is so important, though, then how can we assess whether our groups & teams are ‘tuned’ for maximum performance?