• Should we manipulate our employees?

    23 Dec 2014
  • In business, some changes need to be implemented quickly and we must ‘influence and persuade’, to ensure deadlines are achieved. The question is, when does motivation become manipulation and do the ends justify the means?

    In business, power is an essential tool in the C-level toolkit and its ability to influence outcomes and exert control goes hand-in-hand with being ‘the boss’. Often, to get things done we use this personal power to motivate and encourage our employees in order to get specific results.

    In effect, when we do this, we are structuring the events in order to ensure people behave in a certain manner. In different words, we are manipulating our employees to get the results we desire! The word ‘manipulation’ seems so nefarious when it’s written down in black and white, right? We shouldn’t be manipulating our employees, should we? Well, before jumping to conclusions, let’s take a brief walk through of the principles [To read the complete article go to Michael Conforme's Blog: Authentic Leadership}...