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  • Hiring a Protactix speaker is an exceptional way to get introduced to Protactix, and also give your people an engaging, motivating presentation. We’re available for seminars, corporate retreats and awards dinners, meetings, events, or anything else. We can give a keynote speech to kick the event off, or give a pointed talk anywhere on your agenda where you want an engaging presentation.

    A wide variety of interesting topics are possible, such as: 

    • Strategic Workforce Planning – Overcome the Global Talent Shortage with Behavioral Assessment Data
    • Here But There - Managing the Challenges of Today’s Virtual Workforce
    • Group Analytics -  Improving Team Performance with Data-Driven Decisions
    • Prosper During the Talent Crisis - Protecting and Leveraging Your Intangible Assets
    • Hidden Profits - Using Soft Factors to Improve Your Bottom Line for Sustainability
    • Fighting the Talent War  - An Overview on Attracting Top Talent
    • People Matters - Human Resources as Your Strategic Business Partner
    • “Dude, that’s so not my job” - Managing Millennials

    The above are our most popular presentations, but we can develop a program that is tailored to your particular audience and company situation. And we can give talks to almost any sized group – 20 people to 2000+. 

    Our speakers are appealing, entertaining, and memorable. More importantly, they are communication experts that get the most out of the hours’ worth of attention afforded them. In other words, your people will leave energized, but will retain the information, putting it to use the very next workday (or even that very afternoon.) 

    Check out our news & events page to see where we’ll be, and if you wish to discuss booking a presentation, contact us here.

  • "Michael is very talented and uniquely placed to impact business in Korea and the region. He has a tremendous knowledge of the market and the challenges facing business leaders and has worked for many years with some of the largest companies in the region at top level. He has my highest recommendation."

    Rating: Robin Wood, Predictive Advantage

  • Michael is a talented innovator whom other management consultants imitate. His approach is refreshingly direct, and final recommendations are carefully detailed, and always relevant and actionable right away. He has trained me and my employees in the past, and coached me personally. I recommend Mike without reservation.

    Rating: Peter Sukonek, President, Breakthrough Brand

  • Michael's presentation on motivating and engaging your workforce was excellent. His personality shines through and is extremely authentic.

    Rating: WonYoung Chung, HR Director, Bayer HealthCare

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