• Strategy Implementation

  • From maximizing intangible assets to a pointed assessment of change culture and goals; our trained eyes review the present and plan the future.

  • Outside Insight™

    Your people… how well do you know them? Sure, you know them personally, but are they capable of the direction you are planning? Will they embrace change? Or will a segment (unknowingly) impede progress? And if so, how can it be avoided?

    Then there’s the larger question - How ready is your organization for… anything? Today’s business environment moves at the speed of light, with new trends taking hold at record speed.  The nimble survive and thrive. The slow… well, you know…

    Our Outside Insight™ is a Business Focus and Executive Review that answers these questions, and then some. We dig deep, with one-on-one interviews, questionnaires, evaluations, observations, data mining, and more. We create a clear balance sheet showing how management works as a team, and how everyone fits into the company vision. And we do this on an unprecedented level, utilizing proven tools and methodologies (such as Business Focus Review® and Engagement Driver™) combined with our own approach, customized to your organization. The full assessment, including recommendations for action, is delivered within 30 days of final input.

    And in the end, you will have a picture of your organization that you never thought possible. Complete with a clear roadmap to your desired destination. 

    It’s about the Intangibles, too.

    According to Standard and Poor®, intangible assets represent a full 80% of a company’s value. To give a clear example of this, if another company was looking to acquire you, they would be far more interested in your people, potential, and position than your equipment and inventory.

    This really isn’t news to anyone, but it’s also not something that’s on the surface. By their very name, Intangible Assets are difficult to fully identify and measure, and even more difficult to grow. But when they are made plain, and you know fully your strengths and weaknesses, you can direct your attention where it’s truly needed, and make your company more valuable in every aspect.

  • Still not sure? Well consider this...

    Sometimes the toughest sale is the one you pitch to your own organization. Many seemingly clear and effective strategies, once communicated, rapidly become confused, lifeless, overly complicated or simply the target of dissent.

    We help organizations align their people to the strategy, installing the capabilities and culture required to take an organization through a period of significant change.

    • Sense that the culture of the business is a hindrance rather than enabler to success? We work with our clients to find and utilize the right cultural levers to guarantee the effective execution of strategy.
    • A new strategy or direction? Senior teams need to be singing off the same song sheet and role modelling the change if they expect their employees to align around the change.  We help them make this a reality.
    • Stuck on an enduring business challenge? We can help jolt teams into new ways of thinking to deliver that elusive breakthrough.
    • Do leaders feel like they are chairing the United Nations and trying to solve the problems of the Euro? We help executives align around a common goal so they actually help each other rather than just remain siloed.

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