• Talent Mastery

  • Acquiring, shaping, retaining, and improving talent are paramount to company success. And it’s something we can help you with.

  • Mastering the acquisition, development, and retaining of top talent is what separates great organizations from the rest. Some organizations just seem to attract and keep the best people. And trust us, that’s no accident.  

    Protactix can make Talent Mastery a key strength of your company. With an analytical approach, combined with behavioral and psychological characteristic recognition, we can ensure that you attract (and retain) the best people. We’ll help you maximize your efforts in four key areas:

  • Acquiring Talent

    Acquiring Talent (and not just talent, but the right talent) – The preverbal “bad hire” is costly. Not just in lost time and productivity, but in the moral-crippling effects bringing on the wrong person induces. We’ll help you identify the key behavioral and motivational requirements for not only particular positions, but your company culture overall, allowing for a perfect match, without guesswork.

  • Developing People

    Developing People – Before they emerge, many leaders demonstrate clues to their potential. Our evidence-based methodology will allow you to identify leaders early in their careers, allowing you the opportunity to develop and retain them, ensuring long-term personnel success.   

  • Managing Change

    Managing Change – Change is daunting. Especially for organizations that undergo acquisitions, mergers, organizational transition, leadership changes, and so on. Protactix utilizes a comprehensive suite of employee assessment, training, and management communication systems which are especially effective and morale-boosting during these times. The result is your people will see change as a welcome challenge and growth opportunity instead of something to be feared. 

  • Strategic Growth

    Strategic Growth – How do the existing behavioral characteristics and skills of your sales team and management align with your vision and expected growth? There are predictable patterns in how sales-based personnel and company vision support each other. Protactix will help you crack the code, and instill definitive, accurate performance predictors. This will help you hire the right people, and better guide them to contribute to the growth you expect.    

    It’s about the people. Always has been, always will be. And Protactix can help ensure that you have an engaged, motivated workforce that is the envy of competitors (who won’t have a prayer of sniping them, either.)

    Contact us, and we’ll help you any way we can.