• Coaching & Workshops

  • Leaders are not just in charge of nuts and bolts. They also shape company culture. Positive transformation begins internally, which we develop and support.

  • We have all heard the expression, "Better people make for a better organization." - that much is clear.  

    But to truly succeed, it goes beyond having “better people”. In our mind, it’s having better people fully aligned with your company culture, goals, and strategy that make for a successful, thriving organization. Add in the ability to innovate and not only accept change, but help drive it, and you have a winning formula.

    That’s where our executive coaching and consulting is different. In fact, we officially call it “Culture Coaching”, because in the end, that’s what we are striving for - challenging your leaders to not just become better executives, but to also collectively champion your company’s very essence, fully adaptable to the challenge of innovation and change.

    We work with executives and leaders on all levels, from C-Suite to team leaders to the assistant supervisor on the shipping dock. Our tools and methodologies are proven, but we’re also extremely flexible, able to adjust to your unique needs and personnel.   

    Here are several subsets of our Culture Coaching that we use to help companies grow:

    • Leadership/Behavioral coaching - We help your leaders on an overall behavioral level, leading to better interpersonal relationships and a markedly increased motivational acumen.
    • Organizational Change coaching – Innovation can be scary, and change is not as easy to accept as it would appear. Our approach focuses on a wide variety of challenges and specifics, including your organization's capacity for innovation, its view on strategic diversity, its implementation / execution of an event (such as a merger, new strategy, or performance improvement agenda). 
    • Organizational Development Consulting - Our OD approach focuses on installing leadership, management, and team development programs, systems and interventions that stand the test of time.
    • Management Consulting - We help top executives and senior leaders set the tone for the long-term direction of the organization. The outward projection of true confidence in company direction is paramount, and done well, is exceedingly powerful. And we’ll give you the keys to this company-changing engine. 
    • Strategy Implementation Consulting – You’ve introduced a new strategy, agenda, or similar. But the initial excitement has faded, and the buy-in is simply not there. Why not? This exact situation is what we’ll reverse (or prevent in the first place.)

    Let us help you get the best out of your best. Talk to us here, and we’ll ensure your executives and leaders become far more effective at steering the ship, able to better build a bright future for your company.

  • Workshops

    Specific topics, instances, and challenges tackled in focused, collaborative sessions. Our workshops are engaging, productive, and drive change.

  • For some organizations, workshops are more prudent than individual coaching. In an “apples to apples” comparison, they are less time-consuming, and thus less costly. They can also be used in conjuncture with individual coaching to broach broader-based topics (as always, we create custom programs for our clients based on your needs.) Either way, Protactix Workshops are extremely effective.  

    Our workshops look to implement the ideas and strategies to the individuals present, but also take advantage of the group synergy. In short, we lead exceptional workshops that deliver measurable results.

    We break down our workshops into two general areas:

    Leader Development

    We help your executives at every level, whether C-suite, middle-management, or rising stars/future leaders. There are a variety of topics we are capable of covering, from helping senior executives with communication skills to assisting new executives with the transition from “technical specialist” to “leader” to helping young up-and-comers acquire upper management demeanor and capabilities before their first real promotion (ensuring your pipeline of future leaders is abundant). 

    Team Development and Effectiveness

    Different from leadership development (where we focus more on individuals), our team-based workshops are geared towards entire teams, and helping the individual members work together and truly adopt the team’s initiatives and goals.  

    If you have a new team, a series of workshops with Protactix can give them the motivation and push to truly become something special. For existing teams, we can help cut through the roadblocks and complacency that lengthen meetings, foster “coasting”, and similar. We re-energize, refocus, and revitalize your teams, departments, and divisions to embrace what makes them a team, and help them clearly see the company’s goals. And the lessons taught are lasting lessons, too. Tomorrow, next week, and next year remain bright. 

    Interested in our workshops? Contact us here to learn more.